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Meet Dominika Hawkins

Dominika Hawkins is a civil rights activist who co-founded, a social media platform, dedicated to speaking out for those who are silenced. She was a mortgage broker during the crash in 2008, so she is no stranger to overcoming the disastrous economic impact of failed policy. Dominika is currently an entrepreneur who works with small business owners and is a full-time caretaker of her family while working to rebuild American values. She is running for Congressional District 13 in Georgia. 


She represents the paragon of overcoming adversity in life. She was raised by a single father with her grandmother being the primary woman influence in her life. She learned her most important lesson from them: to never give up no matter how hard it gets. She has shown this by finding, forgiving, and creating a relationship with her mother before she passed in 2020. 


She has been forged through fire, after surviving brain cancer, the loss of both parents and her grandmother, and facing the potential loss of her epileptic 1st daughter. This made her a powerful voice in the medical field as she has direct experience with different forms of medical malpractice and being steamrolled by hospitals in the insurance company's pocket. 


This led her into politics, as the change she tried to make on her own was ignored. This puts her in a position to be a direct voice of the people because she talks through experience. She is the classic candidate with the mantra of 'people over politics'. Her time now is spent helping others who are in her previous position, breaking the cycle of neglect and struggle. She now speaks as a fundamental constitutionalist, desiring to bring this country back to its foundation: the representation of the common citizen. 

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Important Issues

Constitutional Rights



Father's Rights

Election Integrity

Dominika Hawkins is committed to a united and diverse group of people that stands for the common good and advocate for policies that are in the public interest.

She understands that the most effective way to bring about change is to encourage the public to educate themselves and engage with each other so their voices and ideas can be heard. The movement persists, Stand with the Candidate that puts "People over Politics".

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Vote for the Candidate that's for The People!

"The US Constitution doesn't need to be re-written... it needs to be re-read."

We must oust those that are seeking to trample on our rights. 

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