About The Issues

Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of unlimited opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. Dominika Hawkins fights each and every day to ensure that the community is advancing towards meeting these founding principles. Read on to learn about the issues at hand, and what is being done to combat them.


Dominika will work to ensure the community and local leaders have the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to make a real change in education policy. We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal. History teaches us our mistakes so we can learn from them, yet history has to be objective. Otherwise, you are not teaching history, you are simply spreading a culture. CRT does not teach history, but it does the latter.


In fact, to be able to teach the terrible things that happened to people in American History objectively doesn't erase history; it gives victims their rightful place as those who helped build this country. To teach culture is to pass down hate, to have the oppressed become the oppressors. We have already been down that path and see where it leads.


That's why we should teach cooperation, tenacity, and love in our schools. These children are our future and they should learn from the past, not have to live in it.

We see our campaigns as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger future. 


Healthcare is an important right for all citizens, not a privilege, however so is informed consent and freedom of choice on what to do with your body. People commonly repeat they want the separation of church and state, but what about the separation of the dogma that masquerades as science?

The system needs to be re-examined due to mandates changing daily and emergency authorizations passing frequently. In today's fast-paced society, science needs to move slowly, especially when it comes to medical care that the general public has no access to the research.

We are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision-making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies and high-quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. Dominika will fight to end all Covid-19 restrictions and mandates. It is time that we follow science, not philosophy. 

Constitutional Rights - Pro 2A

Constitutional rights are under attack. The first step of being a dictator is removing people's will to fight, then their means to defend themselves. The constitution doesn't need to be re-written, it simply needs to be re-read. The American people wish to be governed not ruled. "Red Flag" Laws have no place in our country. 

Our freedoms were fought with guns and our slavery will commence the day they are taken away. With today's technology, it is easier than ever for criminals to get their hands on firearms. That is why it is important to maintain the constitutional right to bear arms for law-abiding citizens. We all deserve the ability to defend ourselves.


Each American citizen should be able to defend our freedom with threats of war on the horizon and more powerful enemies arising. To put more barriers in place would make it easier for any threat, foreign or domestic, to take over and take our freedoms. We the people are NOT granted these rights, they are GOD-GIVEN. I will use my role in the government to protect them.


Veteran's Affairs

I could only wish to serve in the same capacity of our veterans, to have their drive, their sacrifice, and their tenacity to overcome all obsticles. Unfortunately, after serving our country they are often cast aside. My first love is for those who fight for freedom and country, as my husband is a combat disabled veteran.


I know the struggles faced every day by those who fight, especially those who were brave enough to volunteer for service during a time a war. There is little legistation happening for veterans and to protect those who protect us. I promise to introduce legistation that will put those who served with those of service.


We stand on the bodies of those who died for our freedom. I promise to never lay down with them without a fight.

Free Speech 

There is a reason why Freedom of Speech is the 1st amendment, it's because it is the most important right that we have. it allows people to speak up and speak out. People are able to say what they need to say without worrying about infringements of their rights. None of the other amendments would matter if there was not the ability to agree or disagree. 

"To suppress Free Speech is a double wrong, it violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker"

-Frederick Douglass

Election Integrity

Election integrity is about more than just voting, it's about how we are able to vote, and casting your vote twice is just as bad as denying someone the right to vote. The same way I have this As an African-American, I am offended by bills that undermine our ability to participate in free and fair elections. Every citizen is entitled to have their vote counted and we don't count votes that were obtained whilst violating GA Constitutional statute which simultaneously propagates the ideology that cheating is winning.  

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