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Father's Rights

Father's who are separate from the mother of their children are often times treated like criminals by the state. Child support is often a tax against fathers who will willingly share custody.


The Department of Children and Family Services offer significantly less services for men than they do women. There is a clear and known bias many fathers face when dealing with the state. The mental health of a large portion of our men have been negatively impacted by blanket discrimination against men who want to be fathers by stereotyping them with the fathers who don't. 


In Congress, I will support the Dad's Against Discrimination Fathers Bill of Rights as well as Fathers for Equal Rights. I also believe the recent legislation enacted in Texas to finally shine a light to the injustice being done towards fathers. As the ACFC says, "Kids Need Fathers, Not Visitors."

That's why I will always support the rights of Dad's who just want to be Dad's.

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